Lifespan Integration Therapy

When healing is absent in the past, it is impossible to be fully present in the NOW

I qualified 25 years ago and over the years have done much further training to develop an integrative approach in the therapy I offer.

Problems and difficulties manifesting in the present are signposts to unresolved issues in the past. Lifespan Integration Therapy is done in a structured way with specific coaching from me, the therapist, to your adult self: in effect coaching your adult self to heal and nurture your inner child (or younger) self, and in doing so updating neurological pathways. When healing is absent in the past, it is impossible to be fully whole or present in the NOW. LI therapy travels back to THEN, via memory cues from your life and gathers up blocked energy and brings it to the present, allowing a more whole and integrated self to thrive and be here, now!

LI was created by Peggy Pace in 2002 and is a Trauma Resolution, Core Building and Attachment Repair modality.

I am the LIUK Trainer, a certified LI Therapist and LI Supervisor/Consultant.

Lifespan Integration Protocols

A brief description of some of the protocols used in Lifespan Integration:

Baseline Protocol

Overall regulating and integrating neural networking.

Standard Protocol

Processing stuck unpleasant or past traumatic events.

Attunement Protocol

Attachment issues in the present that are caused by from deficits in early attachment with mother I think we all can benefit from being attuned.

Birth – Present protocol

Birth Trauma, if you know you were induced, cesarian or any other difficult entry into the world.

Cell being protocol

Prenatal trauma or if you were an unwanted pregnancy, also systemic and generational trauma.

Attachment Repair Protocol

Repairs ruptures to attachment and developmental stages, particularly ages 1-3 (pre verbal).

Script Clearing protocol

If you have an undermining script, like I’m not important, or I will be abandoned etc.

Relationship Clearing Protocol

If theres a relationship that is still ‘in you’.

PTSD Protocol

A recent accident or trauma.

Some LI Feedback From Recent and Current Clients