There is a lot of talk at the moment about this being a particular stage in our evolution. It is said that we are in the age of Aquarius. I have also heard it said that we are entering into the fifth dimension. I like to think in terms of vibration raising! However we look at things, it is unmistakably a very intense time that we as a species and as a planet are going through. The climate disaster becomes more and more urgent, natural disasters, floods, fires et cetera, show up regularly on our news bulletins and terrorism is something we are all becoming more and more familiar at living amongst. 

And now we have Covid and lockdown, we have black lives matter waking us up to pernicious racism. Jung spoke of the metaphor of an iceberg with only the tip of it above the water. The line the water reaches is what he called the threshold of consciousness, everything unconscious is below the water and everything above this line is conscious, it’s worth saying the tip that’s showing is pretty small! Whether we call this the age of Aquarius or anything else I can certainly say from my vantage point that the threshold of consciousness is lowering at a rate of knots. I think we are ‘working with’ multi layers of macro and micro consciousness here, zooming in to micro organisms and out to the personal, to the collective, to galaxies and so on endlessly. I can hardly keep up with the insights and realisations I am having on a personal level right now, there’s an unravelling happening. I’m not having to work anything out, I’m just being interested and exponentially I feel more tuned in to my true nature. What obscures my ability to surrender into that is becoming more and more apparent, giving me the opportunity to to dis-identify with limiting self beliefs that served me once but serve me no more. I am in awe at the intelligence of the soul, of consciousness’s wish to recognise itself,  and right now I am learning to surf on the slipstream of evolution happening. On a good day it’s thrilling, on a bad day it’s terrifying, but I am in, I am committed to the ride and I think it’s widespread.

I have written another article on the subject of chaos and reorganisation and I take comfort in trusting that when a system goes into chaos it is a necessary part of the journey towards evolving at a higher level. When chaos is resisted, polarisation happens, we are seeing this in the world in a big way at the moment aren’t we, it’s a sign that the system is imbalanced.

I share my personal experience here to help put in context something I think we are all being offered right now. My client work confirms this to me. I am bowled over at the deep work that is going on with my clients at this time, I end a day with my jaw dropped at what is being realised, I must have the best job in the world. I am definitely noticing a speeding up, as it were, or a deepening in my clients, in many clients becoming drawn to the importance of the spiritual dimension too. Evolution is spiritual and we are that. Clients that have been stuck are dramatically breaking through this stuckness. Lockdown has invited people to re-evaluate their lives purpose, asking ‘are we living life in the most meaningful way in ways that align with our deepest values? and when the answer is no, the soul calls us home.

Colleagues I have spoken to have noticed, as have I, that there could be a week by week theme for the Covid pandemic (like a 10 stages of a pandemic – maybe there is one out there…like Kubler Ross’s stages of grief?!), for example, generalising wildly, the early stages having a tinge of excitement and novelty, middle stages bringing in more fear and anxiety, following that, stages of despair and depression, disorientation et cetera. I think it’s clear that life will never be the same again and my sense is that we either embrace the,“opportunities,” hidden in what is happening right now, OR we put energy into wishing it wasn’t happening and hence suffer much more. Black lives matter is a current opportunity to tap into a more collective unconsciousness opportunity. I am so moved and humbled as I permeate knowledge about deep rooted racism and realising how unconscious I have been in seeing that an atrocity has been going on all around me, hidden in plain sight, it is shocking and it should be! Waking up is shocking, I love this feeling! This is what consciousness raising can feel like, uncomfortable but bearing great rewards. 

A couple of years ago I participated in an ayahuasca ceremony. It went on for 12 hours through the night, in darkness. I asked for insight into a particular area of my life. They say be careful what you wish for as it may happen… I spent the night resisting what was being shown to me. It did not match my self story. 

After a night of fighting, of trying to outwit “Mother ayahuasca”, I was almost prepared to choose insanity or madness over looking into the mirror that was being slammed into my face and out of utter exhaustion in the morning I surrendered and began to release years and years of pent-up attachment and generational trauma that that had gotten held in my body (this process carried for a year or so). I liken the times that we are currently living in to a psychedelic experience. We are being shown (rather strongly) a mirror and if we dare to look, the reward is waking up to our true nature. We have taken the medicine, there’s no turning back now. As Rumi says, ‘There’s a field… I’ll meet you there!”.